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Philips Respironics, a world leader in gel cushion technology, sets a new standard in nasal pillow masks! It  is bringing the comfort and sealing power of gel to nasal pillows. As the latest offering in Philips Respironics groundbreaking new line of masks, Nuance gel pillows are the choice for better sleep therapy for  patients, clinicians and  home care providers.

Nuance’s more comfortable and familiar feel help patients succeed in their therapy. Nuance is truly a new standard in nasal pillow masks as it offers more comfort and better seal, fits various size nostrils, and is available in gel or fabric frame.

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It is available in either gel or fabric frame (preferred by patients)

Fabric Frame (preferred by patients)

  • Soft, fabric experience for better sleep
  • All fabric frame & headgear enhances patient comfort
  • Fewer red marks

Additional features

  • Gel pillows provides greater comfort and seal
  • Light-weight, flexible tubing
  • Reduces nasal irritation
  • Non-slip headgear stays in place throughout the night
  • Conforms to different size nostrils

 Nuance and Nuance Pro fitting guide

1. Place the pillows cushion tips into your nostrils before putting on the mask. Choose the cushion size that sits comfortably under your nose without any gaps. Do not push the pillows gel bases into your nostrils.

2. Gently hold the cushion over your nose as you pull the headgear over your head. If needed, you can make adjustments while sitting up.

3. Gently Insert the pillows cushion tips into your nostrils so that they sit comfortably under your nose without any gaps.

4.Adjust the top crown strap so that the headgear sits just above your ears. If the side straps are too close to your eyes, loosen the top strap to move the side straps away from your eyes. The headgear should fit loose and comfortable.

5.Peel the tabs away from the straps and  adjust the length evenly by pulling upward.  Press the tabs against the straps to reattach. The gel pads should sit under your cheek bones. The mask should rest comfortably against your face. Do not over-tighten.

6.You may slide the mask tubing through the headgear crown loop before pulling on the headgear as an option. Using the headgear crown loop can help make some sleeping positions much more comfortable.

7.Connect Nuance tubing to the flexible tubing that came with your device. Air leak is normal.

8. Move around until comfortable. If there are any excessive air leaks, make final adjustments while lying down.

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