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$2,399.00 $2,090.00

The DreamStation GO Auto CPAP is a compact and reliable travel machine with a 5 year Australian warranty. It connects via Bluetooth to your mobile and the DreamMapper app. – Device comes with power cord and CPAP tube. Any CPAP mask can be used with this device.

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The premium quality Philips DreamStation has been condensed into a compact and robust shell with the release of the DreamStation Go. This device has a touch screen and same menu system as the larger device. The Go is designed for people that want an all in one travel/every day machine or just a compact travel machine for those on the go.

Optional extras are:

  • Battery pack; powers the device up to 2 nights*
  • Small Travel hard case (Use without the battery).
  • Medium Travel hard case (Stores the battery as well).
  • Humidifier now available.

Smart Ramp – This uses the same algorithm as the automatic machine but in the ramp period. It responds to events during the ramp period until it reaches the therapy pressure. The effect of this is that the patient is still being treated in the ramp process if they fall asleep quickly.

A-Flex – This is the patented pressure relief feature that synchronizes with the patients breathing pattern. It backs the pressure off on exhale to make it easier to breathe out against air coming in and it also breathes in with you to create a natural flow feel.

Auto Start – The device can be turned back on by simply putting the mask on and breathing. This makes it easier to get back to sleep after a bathroom break.

System Check – If you suspect something may be wrong with your device, you can run a system check feature that cycles through a self diagnostic system and calibration check. It also checks the error log on the device and will give you a green tick if everything is fine or a red cross if it needs to be serviced.

Warranty – 5 year genuine Australian manufactures warranty.

Classy Look – The new colour touch screen and menu system is very easy to navigate. Physically the unit is beautiful and blends into any bedroom environment. Philips was looking for a modern and classy looking unit. We think they’ve hit the nail on the head.


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